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Work Stress and Anxiety and how AndreaYoga can help

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As an experienced School Leader and Yoga teacher with a background in the medical profession, I understand how work pressures can affect the body and the mind. 

Stress affects our eating and sleeping habits; as well as our social life.

A fact of life

We know that stress is a fact of life and can be beneficial in limited amounts, for example to encourage us to get a task done or to meet that deadline, however we also know that stress in excessive amounts can exacerbate and increase the risk of developing medical conditions.

Stress affects individuals in a variety of ways, from fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, dizziness, weight loss and gain, back pain, cardiovascular disease and even teeth grinding!

If you find yourself feeling irritable, angry, depressed, nervous, socially isolated, anxious, with a diminishing ability to sleep well, you may also be experiencing psychological symptoms relating to stress.

Some work patterns and responsibilities can cause us to experience stress more often than others and many of us struggle with managing stress at different times in our lives.

As an experienced yoga teacher, my focus is on improving mental and physical health, working with companies, corporates as well as individuals and employees to reduce stress, improve energy levels and overall physical, mental and emotional fitness.

I work with students from all walks of life, including the medical profession, emergency services, teaching profession, legal profession, the self-employed, IT and finance companies.

It is my mission to ensure that these clients make great progress to reach their wellness goals.

Positive and encouraging, I tailor bespoke solutions, specific to client needs, crafting my approach to benefit employees, individuals and corporations for higher staff retention, enhanced motivation, productivity, efficiency and creativity, reduction in staff absence, reduction of sickness and a much greater sense of work and team morale.

Stress, Anxiety, and its Impact

In the UK alone in 2017, 74% of people reported feeling so stressed that they were unable to cope.

Hospital admission data from 2017 demonstrated that there were 17,500 episodes where stress or anxiety was the primary cause for hospital admission –this meant that for 165,800 days, hospital beds were occupied due to stress or anxiety, costing the taxpayer £71.1 million – for 203,700 episodes of hospital admission anxiety was the secondary cause.

In 2016/17 526,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety leading to 12.5 million working days lost, resulting in lost output for employers and the self-employed of £33.4-43.0 billion per year and lost tax/insurance revenue of £10.8-14.4 billion per year. Stress, anxiety and impact to the workplace

Centre for Mental Health chief executive Sarah Hughes has said:

“Employers that take steps to support mental health at work will benefit from a more productive, happy and loyal workforce.”  Those that ignore the issue, or who undermine the mental health of their staff, risk not only the health of the people who work for them but the wealth of their business and the health of the economy as a whole”

The solution to workforce stress

CHANGE behaviour – AndreaYoga will instil new skills and knowledge through yogic techniques to rewire neural pathways for behaviour transformation.

DESIGN a compelling experience –AndreaYoga can help you to work with confidence and excellence, reducing negative thoughts and emotions leading to improvements in mood, self-regulation, and control.

ENERGISE your organisation – as stress levels plummet, watch energy levels SOAR! No more lethargy, mental fog, difficulties with focus or concentration. Energise your system from the inside out.

FOSTER positive emotional commitment – Yoga has been shown to increase the level of gamma-aminobutyric acide (GABA) in the brain, a chemical which helps to regulate nerve activity. AndreaYoga will help to promote positive mood by raising GABA levels naturally, leading to a ‘can do’ productive state of wellbeing.

INVEST in your people, with a low-cost HIGH yielding impact on overall health, efficiency and productivity. Top companies such as Nike, Google and Apple are placing a heightened importance on cultivating a positive corporate culture by investing in yoga, and for good and far-reaching reasons. The benefits are huge. For a relatively small company investment, see sickness levels reduce, absenteeism minimised and a huge boost in productivity and efficiency.

Low cost for HIGH impact

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