I love my students and want to thank you for taking this journey with me, trusting me to be your teacher. There is no greater compliment than when my valued students refer my classes to their family, friends and neighbours. To show my appreciation, I am proud to announce this new referral program.

Invite your friends, family, neighbours and get rewarded because we know that yoga is even better with friends!

Our yoga programme has grown in just a few months from the great referrals from students. Refer your friends, family members, or neighbours to AndreaYoga and we will credit your account £5 each time one becomes a new student with a qualifying subscription plan.

Your information

Your friend's information


You must already be a member with an active membership subscription (monthly or annual) in the current year. Your referral cannot already be an active member with andreayoga. Please complete the referral form before or within 30 days after your friend subscribes as a member.

A qualifying subscription is either: Monthly (Livestream pass or library pass) or Annual Membership. 

For each successful referral, the £5 credit can be redeemed against ANY membership subscription plan

As just one EXAMPLE:

15 monthly referrals = £75 which can be redeemed against one free monthly subscription PLUS £15 credit towards your next month’s membership.


Introduce two friends successfully to an annual membership subscription and receive a FREE year’s annual membership subscription with unlimited access to all online classes and the video library.


Who qualifies as a new referral?

A qualifying new monthly or annual member is anyone who has not been a member in the last 6 months. The student qualifies as a ‘new referral’ when he/she signs up for a monthly or annual membership. The new member must not cancel his/her membership within the first 30 days.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?

No. There is no limit. The more friends you refer, the bigger your reward 😊

Is it possible to be rewarded with a full annual membership with this system?

Yes it is. You can redeem your credits against ANY subscription plan, perhaps even better, if you successfully refer 2 new students for annual membership of the AndreaYoga site, then you will receive an annual membership pass with unlimited access to online classes and the online library. 

When will the referral rewards be applied to my account?

To receive rewards, the new member must not cancel his or her membership within the first 30 days. Credits are visible by logging into your membership account or by checking with Andrea.