Radiant Wave – Metaphysical Graffiti




    Preview a sample from this album – Radiant Wave – Metaphysical Graffiti Medley

    Relaxing instrumental music to help your mind disentangle from the everyday. Perfect accompaniment to yoga, meditation and general chillout time.

    Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift on an existential journey that will leave your spirit inscribed with the ethereal wonder of Metaphysical Graffiti

    Album details

    1. (every ending is) A New Beginning
    2. Transcendental Ocean
    3. Cloud Surfer
    4. Arrival at the Gates of the Astral Palace
    5. Polestar Eclipse (Phase I)
    6. Morning Sunshine
    7. Goodnight Love
    8. Polestar Eclipse (Phase II)
    9. Distant Shores
    10. Every Ending Is (a new beginning)