Love Yoga?

Organising a party, wellbeing session in East Anglia?

You have come to the right place. Celebrate with friends/colleagues in a healthy, inspiring, fun, unforgettable way.

So what is a yoga party/company/group yoga session?

  •  A fun and meaningful way to bring friends and colleagues together.
  •  An alternative activity that gets everyone feeling happy and healthy whatever your body type, fitness levels or experience.
  • A lovingly prepared yoga experience tailored to suit the mood you want to create for your party.
  • A lovingly curated journey from grounding meditation, to uplifting yoga flows and beyond and luxuriant/exuberant, accessible partner yoga.
  • A yoga party/group session will have you feeling energised, inspired and relaxed by the end as well as experiencing a deepening connection and the strengthening of bonds with the group.
  • Learn skills you can take home with you.
  • Experience smiles, laughter and beautifully heart opening moments.